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Dear Lynnhaven Family,

You may be aware that Lynnhaven Baseball has several projects that are in desperate need of additional funding. One such urgent project is an emergency repair to a break in our water main. Other projects in sore need of funding include electrical system repairs, bleacher repairs, storage building repairs, window replacements, fencing safety rails and scoreboard upgrades.

These types of repairs and unforeseen expenditures along with improvements and upgrades to our complex are made possible solely from the extra generous efforts and support from our families.

In 2021 we are working to invest in the following improvements to the Trant complex and your added support is essential to seeing these projects through:

  • addition of 2 batting cages
  • yellow safety rails along fencing
  • replacement of bleachers for fields 2 and 3
  • storage building replacement at field 1
  • scoreboard remote paddle upgrades for fields 2 and 3
  • upgrade electrical circuits
  • replace windows above concessions

To help keep our season registrations low, we have provided the opportunity below for you to consider contributing to help with our fundraising goals. If you are able, please help support and grow the capabilities of Lynnhaven Baseball. We thank you for your generosity!

The Lynnhaven Board of Directors


Because Lynnhaven Baseball is a qualified 501 charitable organization, the gifts you make are tax deductible.