Registration, Tryout & Draft Policies

last updated Feb 2020

  • Lynnhaven Baseball will have an open registration for any potential players desiring to play the sport of baseball.
  • Players will register and be assigned to divisions based on age their age prior to May 1st of the next spring season.
  • Lynnhaven will continue with open registration of players until such time as the proposed seasons rosters are completely full, or at such time as registration will be closed as determined by the League.
  • Open registration will be in place until just before the tryout. Please registering post tryout will be placed on a Waiting List. Lynnhaven will assign all players on the Waiting List to a team until the season rosters are full. Lynnhaven makes every effort to see that players get to play baseball.
  • All eligible players of proper season age are encouraged attend tryouts. Only returning division players from the previous spring season and designated frozen players are excused from the tryout.
  • Players who wish to play into the next higher age division, must contact the Division Management for that age group prior to registration. Promotion of players is at the sole discretion of the Division Management.
  • Players seeking promotion must have played at Lynnhaven in a previous Spring season or must be a current rostered player on a school or advanced baseball team of the same division seeking promotion into. Verification will be required upon request.
  • Players may only be promoted one (1) spring season advancement and will only be promoted 1x in their career at Lynnhaven. Once promoted, players may continue their “new” season age path or return to their previous season age as determined by birth.
  • Any returning league player who does not wish to play for his or her previous spring season team may elect to return to the draft and are encouraged to attend tryouts. Players who take this course of action must declare to Division Management their intent to re-enter the draft prior to the date of the tryout.