T-Ball League Rules

last updated Feb 2020


  • League will provide a uniform shirt and hat to all players.
  • Players will be responsible for the remainder of the uniform:
    • Plain White Pants – elastic waists are acceptable.
    • Socks – see official LBB Team Color Guide for your team’s colors.
    • ( Download Color Guide PDF)
    • Footwear – rubber molded cleats or closed toe athletic sneakers required.


  • League will provide each team with a complete set of defensive position gear.
    • Pitcher – players are required to wear a fielding face mask and heart guard.
    • Catcher – players are required to wear a mask with helmet, chest protector, knee and shin guards, and fielding glove.
  • Players need to provide their own bat, helmet, and fielding.
    • Helmets – must have all the padding intact and correctly fitted to players head.
    • Bats – must be approved Tee-Ball bats or Baseball and have the following stickers on the bat: