Lynnhaven Baseball Registration System

Please Note:

Our new registration system is live !

Please use the sign up form on the right to create your new Lynnhaven Baseball account. Now, you will be able to enter account holder information for a parent or guardian as well as information for each of your players.

Next season, when you are ready to play again, all you have to do is log in to your account and simply choose from among the items you are presented to register! We are still working the kinks out so thanking you in advance for your patience!

Capital Projects Fund Reminder

We have to say it again, please be aware that Lynnhaven Baseball has several projects that are in desperate need of additional funding. We have provided an opportunity during registration for you to consider contributing to help with our funding goals. If you are able, please help grow the capabilities of Lynnhaven Baseball by adding an amount to your cart at checkout. We thank you greatly for your generosity!