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Coaches are the single greatest asset and resource that Lynnhaven Baseball has. It is no way an understatement to say that without you, Lynnhaven Baseball could not function. Lynnhaven Baseball recognizes the personal sacrifices that each one makes in order to lead the youth teams of our league. Again, thank you for all the hard work and dedication you give to the players and families of Lynnhaven Baseball.

Coaching at Lynnhaven is an exciting opportunity to share your passion for the great game of baseball with the generation of tomorrow. Coaches are leaders, mentors, and often friends to the players and families here at Lynnhaven Baseball. Coaching is also a responsibility to not only model and exemplify the brand of Lynnhaven Baseball it is also a responsibility to the whole sport of baseball as well. To many players and families, coaches are the ambassadors and face of baseball. Therefore coaches have the responsibility to behave and mentor our youth in a professional manner.

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The following information is both expected and required by and of Lynnhaven Baseball. Every coach has the responsibility to assist Lynnhaven with compliance and adherence to the rules, guidelines, and policies as a representative of the Lynnhaven Baseball brand.

Coaching Contacts

For more information about coaching opportunities with Lynnhaven Baseball, please contact the Division Director for the age group you are interested in leading.