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Updated September 2017

UNIFORM REQUIRED: All players will get a game jersey & hat

  • Teams will consist of a approximately 7-8 players in the fall and approximately 10 players in the spring.
  • Players will be assigned to teams by the Player Agent. Returning players will remain on the roster of the team they played on the previous year spring. The remaining of registered players will be assigned to the teams so that the ages of players are as evenly spread as possible.  If registration allows the player agent will place three year olds on two teams that will play each other.  If not, all ages (three, four and five) will be mixed within a team.
  • Players on a waiting list will be assigned by the Player Agent as openings occur.




  • Any manager, coach or league official who disregards league rules and by-laws, i.e., arguing with other coaches or the player agent, missing meetings, failing to fill out necessary paperwork, failure to return equipment and/or uniforms, etc., can be subject to the following actions by the Board:

    • First Violation; Written notification to the Executive Committee by League Vice President.

    • Second Violation; Suspension for the next regular scheduled game.

    • Third Violation; Indefinite suspension.

  • There will be a minimum of one coaches meeting during the season. Additional meetings may be scheduled.




  • All coaches are responsible for the league equipment issued to them, including uniforms.

  • Immediately after the teams last scheduled game of the regular season the manager will collect all equipment and return it to the equipment manager.

  • In the event an item of equipment needs to be replaced during the season, the old piece of equipment must be turned in before a new item can be issued by the Equipment Manager.

  • Players assigned to play the pitching position, must wear a league issued heart guard and face mask.



  • In the event the field director cannot prepare the field: 

  • BOTH TEAMS will prepare the field for play at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of each game. Infield and/or batting practice will not begin until the field is ready for play.

  • Minimum field preparation includes:

    • Chalking the base and foul lines

    • Outlining the batter’s box

    • Chalk a ten (10) foot circle from the back of home plate outward into the field of play creating the arc.

    • Drag and rake field to insure all holes are filled in for player safety

  • Coaches of both teams will insure the cleanliness of their respective dugouts after each game.



  • There will not be league standings, wins and losses will not be kept, and runs scored in an inning will be kept for the purpose of an offensive time at bat only.

  • There will be a ten (10) foot arc from the back of home plate outward, the ball must leave this arc to be fair, otherwise it is a foul ball. After the ball is hit out of the dead ball area, play continues until the ball is returned to the dead ball area

  • A swing and a miss, or hitting the batting tee is a strike. Each batter will be given up to five (5) swings, to put the ball into play. If after the fifth swing, the batter has not successfully hit the ball into fair territory, they will be ruled out.

  • Continuous batting order rule will apply to all games. All players on the roster, present for the game, will bat in order regardless whether playing the field or not. Players arriving late for a game will be placed at the bottom of the batting order. A player is deemed “late” after the first batter of the game steps into the batter’s box.

  • The batting tee will be placed on home plate for batting, but should be removed by the umpire/coach prior to any plays at home plate.

  • Any ball that is thrown in the direction of a base that is not caught will be considered an overthrow. Base runners may advance only one (1) base on an overthrow at any time, regardless of whether the ball goes into foul or fair territory during the overthrow. The base runner is advancing at his own risk, and regardless of whether another overthrow occurs; the base runner will advance only one base.

  • Coaches will not physically assist base runners while the ball is in play. Violations will result in a dead ball, the base runner is out, and no other base runners will advance.

  • Coaches should have players available and ready to play at the start time of the game. There is no grace period. Encourage parents to have the players arrive thirty (30) minutes to the scheduled game time.

  • Defensive teams:

    • The pitcher must keep one foot on the pitcher’s mound / circle until the ball is hit

    • Outfielders will play in the proximity of the edge of the outfield grass

    • Two (2) coaches maximum will be allowed to instruct defensive players from behind the outfielders.

  • A regulation game will be four (4) innings or duration of time, whichever is first. Time limit is one (1) hour

  • If the game is called for any reason, other than the duration of time, I.e., weather, it is considered a complete game if; two and one half (2 ½) innings have been completed. Rescheduling of any games, for any reason, will be at the discretion of the Player Agent.


  • There are not ‘outs’ recorded in Shetland, and players cannot be put out during live ball play. The ONLY time a batter would not take his turn running the bases is for the penalty for coaches physical assistance and exceeding the 5 swing limit.

  • There is NO coach pitch in Shetland during games. Coaches and players may use their best discretion during practices.

  • No ballplayer will receive their uniform or be placed on a team without their financial obligation fulfilled to the league.

  • Players throwing equipment, or otherwise showing loss of control, will be immediately removed from the game by the coach.


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