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Junior 15U / Senior 18U Rules


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Updated: September 2017

Required Uniform:  All players will receive a shirt and a hat.





a. Teams will consist of a minimum of twelve (12) players.

b. Where possible, teams should have an equal number of first and second year players.




a. All 13, 14, 15 and 16-year-old league eligible players must attend tryouts.  Only returning Pony and Colt League players, as well as frozen players are excused (see rule #5 for explanation of frozen players.

b. Only the respective league’s Player Agent can excuse a player form tryouts.  Player’s excused from tryouts by the Player Agent can be drafted anytime, in any round. Returning league players who dropped from a team anytime during the previous season will be placed in the draft and must attend tryouts.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.

c. Returning players who don not wish to play on their last years team will be placed in the open draft and must attend tryouts.  Players in this category must declare to the Player Agent that they will be reentering the draft seven (7) day prior to the draft.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.

d. Returning players to the same league who dropped off a team during last season will be placed in the open draft and must attend tryouts.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.

e. Returning players to the same league who played on a team that has been dissolved will, in fairness to new managers ad coachers, be placed in the open draft and will be required to attend tryouts.

f. Any player who does not attend tryouts and has not been excused will have his or her name placed in a blind draft in a round as determined by the player Agent prior to the commencement of the actual draft.

g. Players on a waiting list will be assigned by the player Agent as openings occur.


The draft will be conducted using the point value system.  In order to determine the draft sequence for each team, all players will be assigned point values, called the INITINAL ASSIGNED PINT VALUE.  The INITIAL ASSIGNED PINT VALUES are as follows:


All AAU eligible players-------------------------------------4 points

Returning tournament A player------------------------------4 points

Returning tournament B player------------------------------3 points

Incoming frozen player new to Lynnhaven----------------3 points

Incoming Pony/Colt tournament A player-----------------3 points

Incoming Pony/Colt tournament B player-----------------2 points

Returning non-tournament player---------------------------1 point

New managers/Coach of record son/daughter-------------1 point


*If only National and American tournament teams were fielded vice A and B Teams in a season prior to the draft, all returning tournament players are assigned 4 points, and all Pony/Colt upcoming tournament players are assigned 3


The highest ASSIGNED POINT VALUE for any player will take precedence over the lower point value for that same player.

c. Each and every tournament-selected player from any league will have points assigned to him/her in accordance with paragraph 3A above.

d. Once the INITIAL POINT VALUES, has been assigned, the following pint system will be used during the actual draft.

First round draft pick-----------------------------------3 points

Second round draft pick--------------------------------2 points

Remaining draft picks (and beyond)-----------------1 point

e. The team with the lowest INITIAL POINT VALUE will draft first followed by the next lowest total and so on.  This will continue until such time that all teams are within two (2) points of the INITIAL POINT VALUE.  In the case of a point value tie, the team with the lowest number of players will have precedence.  If both teams have an equal number of players and points, a coin toss will decide which team drafts next in each round.

f. Standard draft procedures begin when parity is achieved per rule 3(E) above.  The team with the highest total INITIAL POINT VALUE will then choose, starting the next round, followed by the second highest point value, and so on. In the case of a tie rule 3(E) will apply.  If parity among the teams is achieved prior to all teams receiving their first selection, the draft shall continue so that those teams that would have been skipped receive a pick prior to reversing the draft order described above.

g. Once the teams have reached one less their roster limit as established by the Player Agent, that team will not draft again until the last round of players.  This procedure ensures that every team has a last round draft pick.

h. At the end of the draft a player-trading period will be conducted.  The trading of players will be final at that time and reported to the Player Agent.  No other trades will be allowed.  The Player Agent will determine the length of time for the trading to take place.





a. The Pony/Colt League draft will be conducted in a closed session with ONLY the following persons authorized to be present:

i.      Respective Pony/Colt League Managers or, if unable to attend, their designated representative.

ii.      Coaches of Record

iii.      Respective Pony/Colt Player Agent, Executive Director, and Vice President.




a. Only one playing child of a Team’s Manager and Coach of Record may be frozen to any team.  Thus, there may be no more than (2) frozen players on any team at any time.  This includes the previous season’s players, as well as the current season’s frozen players.  However, a sibling of a Manager or Coach of Record’s child is not considered to be a frozen player.

b. Any team having the previous season’s Manager’s child a returning       player may only freeze a new Coach of Record’s child.  Conversely, any team having the previous season’s Coach of Record’s child as a returning player may only freeze a new Manager’s child.

c. In a case where the previous season’s Manager or Coach of Record no

longer desires to participate in that capacity, and his or her child desires to remain on the same team, that child shall be counted as a frozen player.  In the event the new Manager does not desire to designate the player in question as a frozen player, than that player must re-enter the draft.

d. Returning league players who wish not to return to their previous season’s

team for their second season in a respective division, must re-enter the draft.

e. Managers must designate their two (2) frozen players to the Player Agent one week prior to tryouts.


Any Manager, Coach or League official who disregards league rules and By-Laws, i.e., arguing with umpires, missing work parties, missing meetings, missing duty officer assignment, failure to return equipment and/or uniforms, etc.  Can be subject to the following actions by the Executive Committee:

1. First violation:  Written notification to the Executive Committee by the league Vice President

2. Second Violation:  Suspension for the next regular scheduled game.

3. Third Violation:  Indefinite suspension.

b. There will be a minimum of three Managers and coaches meeting during the season.  Additional meetings are strongly encouraged.

c. New or replacement Managers will be selected by league Vice President and the Executive Vice President.

d. Managers are required to name their Coach of Record at least one week (7 days) prior to the day of the draft.  It is the Manager’s responsibility to notify the league Vice President of his choice.  If the Vice President is not notified, then that team will not have a Coach of record and that teams draft order will be adjusted accordingly.

e. Vacant teams will be selected by the Manager in a blind draw.  The league Vice President will conduct the blind draw.




a. Managers are responsible for league equipment issued to them, including uniforms.  Immediately after the teams last scheduled game of the regular season, the Manager will collect all equipment, including the uniforms, and turn them into the Equipment Manager.






a. BOTH TEAMS will prepare the field for play at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of each game.  Infield and/or batting practice will not begin until the field is ready for play.

b. Minimum field preparation included:  Chalking the base line, outline the batter’s box.  The filed must be dragged and raked to insure all holes are filled for the players safety.

c. New baseballs will be provided for each game by the league.

d. Managers of both teams are responsible for securing the field when they play the last game of the day.  This included bases and lights.

e. The home team is responsible for operating the scoreboard.  If a young adult is to keep the score, then an adult shall be present periodically to make sure that only one young adult is in the press box.  Only the scorekeeper and a guardian are permitted in the press box.






a. Games shall be played through the scheduled inning duration, seven (7) innings. In the event of a tie at the end of the regulation play, game will continue for two (2) extra innings or until the tie is broken. In the event the game is still tied, game will be ruled a tie.

[addition] Regular season games scheduled for a double header, shall play “no new inning” after a time limit of one hour and forty-five minutes (1h 45m). A minimum of fifteen (15) minutes rest shall be between games or as additionally directed by the Chief Umpire.


  An exception to the rule will be in Playoff games, which will be played until completion.

b. The Chief Umpire shall keep the official time and give the start time to the official scorer.

c. If the umpire feels that either team is intentionally delaying the game to take advantage of the time limit, he shall warn the offending team.  If the delay continues, the umpire may forfeit the game to the other team.

d. Games will start within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled starting time unless delayed by weather as determined by the Duty Officer.  Failure of a team to be ready to play will constitute forfeiture.

e. Rained out gamed will be called as soon as possible by either a League official or Duty Officer.

f. The ten Run Rule will be used as prescribed by the Pony Baseball Rule book.

g. The Player Agent will be the only person who will reschedule make up games.  Any games played without Player Agent sanction will be considered void and not a part of the record.  Make up games will be played as scheduled.  Only under extreme emergency situations and with the consent of the Player Agent will modifications to the regular schedule or make up schedule be made.

h. Adult coaches will be allowed at both first and third base coaching boxes. Uniformed, rostered players of each respective team may be allowed in the first and third base coaching boxes, provided they are properly equipped with batting helmet and all required safety equipment. 

i. Players, Coaches and Managers who are ejected from a regularly scheduled baseball game will not be eligible to participate in the remainder of the game or in the next scheduled game.  If a Manger or Coach is ejected from a game, he or she will be subject to Board action.

j. Any Manager, Coach or League Official will fully disregarding the league rules can be dismissed, per rule 6 (A).

k. All game protests must be submitted, in writing, to the appropriate League Vies President within forth-eight hours of its occurrence; also, the person(s) who is lodging the protest must make his or her intention known to the Chief Umpire of the game in question prior to resumption of game play, then following with a call to a League Representative.

l. Each player must play a minimum of three (3) defensive innings and bat a minimum of one (1) time in every regulation length game (7 innings).  In the event that this is not possible due to a shortened game (e.g., Ten Run Rule invoked) the players not playing the required defensive and/or batting at least once will start the next game played.  In addition all substitutes must be placed in the respective offensive or defensive line up b the top of the fourth inning.  Managers will be held responsible for the enforcement of this rule, and must play all team members except those under disciplinary action for conduct, not attending practices, etc.  A Manager must inform his opponent in writing on the line up sheet if there is a team member who will not play for the above reasons.  Any team not complying g with this rule will forfeit the game player in which the rule is violated.

m. There will be unlimited defensive substitutions with the following reentry exception.  Once a pitcher is removed from the mound, he cannot reenter that game as a pitcher.

n. The Pony League will use a continuous batting order of all players present.  The Colt league will use a nine-player batting order when participating in an interlocking league schedule.

o. The following Speed up Rules apply:

(1) If a player is to be intentionally walked, the catcher will notify the umpire and the pitcher is not required to pitch four (4) balls prior to the batter being awarded
first base.

(2) A player will be required to keep at least one foot in the batter’s box unless he is brushed back by a pitch, makes an awkward swing causing the batter to lose
his balance, or if the batter calls time out.  The penalty – the umpire will call strikes after one warning is issued per batter.

p. Teams unable to field nine (9) players must start and play with eight (8) players.  While playing with eight players, an out will be recorded each time the batting rotation reaches that position in the order where the missing player would have batted.  The team Manager is required to notify the umpire each time this occurs.  If the ninth player arrives during the game, he must be inserted into the game immediately upon his arrival.




a. Players will not receive their uniforms or be placed on a team until their financial obligations to the league are fulfilled.

b. Changes to the rules will be considered and approved or disapproved by the Board of Directors.




a. Team selection and playoff format will vary from year to year depending upon the number of teams in each league.  After the number of teams participating in each league is established, and prior to the end of the regular season, league officials will announce the format of the post-season playoffs.

b. Pitching and playing rules for the playoffs will be the same as contained in the “Pony Baseball Rule Book”, under the tournament rules section. 

c. The highest seeded team in each playoff game will be designated the home team.  The championship game home team will be decided by a coin toss.

d. Awards will be given to the League champion and the runner-up at the end of the championship game.




a. At a date during the regular season, when decided upon by the league Vice President but not to be beyond the halfway point, he or she shall call a meeting of team managers.  Each manage at this time, may nominate a total of up to six (6) players from his or her team, who he or she feels are tournament caliber players.  League managers can ten evaluate the nominees for the remainder of the regular season.

b. All managers will meet in June to select tournament teams.  This meeting will be restricted to the following people:  League Director, League Vice President, Player Agent and Managers.  Only Managers or a duly appointed representative form there team will vote for the tournament players as follows:

1. Deletions from a manager’s nominee list may be made at this time only by a teams’ own manager.  Additions to any nominee list may be made at this time by
any manager present.

2. There will be no automatic frozen players on a tournament team.

3. All voting will be conducted via secret ballot with each manger present selecting twelve (12) players from the nominee list.  A team that is not represented
doesn't get a vote.

4. The Player Agent will compile the votes.  The twelve (12) nominees receiving the most votes are selected to the team.

5. Should there be a tie between nominees for votes, the Player Agent will call for a second vote involving only the nominees who are tied for the remaining
positions on the team.

6. The same voting procedures will take place if a second team is fielded.

7. Each tournament team will consist of no more than twelve (12) players in order to allow for the maximum playing time for all.

8. Once each team is selected, all players chosen must be contacted in order to allow them to choose whether or not they will participate in tournament team play. 
Those players chosen who decide not to participate will be replaced by the next highest vote getter.

c. Once the tournament team has been selected, the Vice President will ask for nominations for tournament team Manager.  The nominees for the Manager will be selected from the regular season Mangers.  If there are no volunteers from the regular season managers, nominees will be selected form the Coach of Record and then from other nominees.  The Mangers will vote by secret ballot for the Tournament Team Manager.  The nominee with the most votes (counted by the Player Agent) will be the tournament team Manager.  The Manager will then select his Coach and Business Manager.

d. If a second team is fielded, the voting process will be the same.

e. The tournament team Manager will be submitted to the Board of Directors within seven (7) days of selection.

f. Player’s selected for tournament teams and who choose to participate on those teams, are required to participate through all levels of play or until the team is eliminate from tournament play.  The only exception will be illness or injury with medical certification.  A player who chooses to leave a team to participate in other activities (vacations, other teams sports, etc.) will be excluded from future tournament teams.

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