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Division Overview

Minors Division (10U, also called Mustang Division in Pony Leagues)

Division Director: Matt Smith, [email protected], 434-566-3331

Division Player Agent: Michelle Wickman, [email protected], 757-477-3835

Uniform Requirements: Team Jersey and hat, white baseball pants, belt and baseball socks (both black or team color), molded cleats, batting helmet, glove, bat (USA stamp required), and Athletic Cup.  Each team will have a bat, helmet, and catcher's gear provided by the league.

Fall Season Overview:

Fall season at Lynnhaven Baseball is developmental in nature.  Coaches’ primary focus should be individual player development vice team record.  Standings will not be tracked, and there is no end-of-season tournament.  Teams are selected by the Division Director with priority placed on team parity and individual learning curve.  The transition from 8U to 10U division occurs for many players in the fall.  This transition is difficult due to the introduction of player pitching, the adjustments player pitching requires of batters and catchers, and the introduction of stealing.  Coaches are highly encouraged to rotate players through all positions, within the limits of player skill and safety, to ensure players are advancing their skills and gaining experience in new positions.  Specifically, coaches should prioritize development of as many pitchers and catchers as possible.

Coaches should contact the Division Director with any issues regarding field condition, umpires, other coaches, or teams from interlocking leagues.  Parents should direct questions to their team’s coach.  If further assistance is required or if the issue is not resolved, parents should contact the Division Player Agent.

The division will interlock with other local leagues.  Teams should expect to travel to other fields for one to two games per fall season.  Games at other league fields may be governed by their rules.

Fall Season Condensed Rules:

  • Division will be governed in accordance with the By-Laws of Lynnhaven Baseball and official rules of the MLB, except as explained below.
  • Games will be officiated by one umpire calling balls and strikes behind the pitching mound.
  • Games will consist of 6 innings.  A game that ends early due to weather will be considered an official game if 3.5 innings are completed.  A game that is tied after 6 complete innings will end in as a tie.
  • Games will be ‘No New Inning’ after 1 hour 40 minutes of time.
  • Games will be played as long as both teams have at least 7 players present.  Games cancelled due to lack of players will not be made up.
    • A team who is short players may use a player from a different LBB team in the 10U division.  A coach who uses a player from a different team shall alert the opposing coach before the game and shall adhere to pitch count rules for that player.
    • If one or both teams have between 7 and 9 players, teams are encouraged to share players to ensure at least 8 players are in the field (full infield plus 2 outfielders).
    • If both teams have fewer than 7 players present, umpires will be dismissed and the coaches will hold a controlled scrimmage.
    • No at-bats will be recorded as an automatic out regardless of the number of players present for a team.
  • Games will have a 5 run max per inning per team for innings 1-5.  No run limit will exist in the 6th inning.
  • Games will NOT be ended due to a score disparagement. (The 10 or 15-run rule is NOT in effect.)  By contract, umpires may elect to call the game complete and depart the field in a 10 or 15-run rule situation.  If that occurs, coaches will continue the game with one of the coaches acting as the umpire.
  • All players present will participate in continuous batting order.
  • Teams will use free substitution.  No player will sit the bench for more than 2 consecutive innings unless necessitated by injury.
  • Dropped 3rd strike is NOT in effect for the first half of the fall season.  During the second half of the season, Dropped 3rd Strike will be at the discretion of both coaches.  Both coaches must agree to use Dropped 3rd Strike, or it will not be used.  If it is used, the following rules apply:
    • Batter may advance to 1st if the base is unoccupied. If 1st is occupied with less than 2 outs, the batter is automatically ruled out.
    • Batter and all runners may advance on the 3rd out at will. Defense is responsible to complete a force out at any base where the runners must advance.
  • Infield fly rule is NOT in play.
  • Leading and Stealing:
    • Runners may NOT lead off any base at any time.
    • Runners may lead off or steal any base only after the pitched ball has crossed the plate.
    • Runners with a lead or secondary lead must return to the base once the pitcher is on the pitching plate with possession of the ball.
  • Pitching:
    • Pitcher counts will be governed by the Pitch Smart guidelines.  Coaches are strongly encouraged to limit each player to no more than 2 innings per game.
    • Balks are not in effect.  If a balk occurs, the umpire will call time and either the umpire or the coach will explain the reason the balk was called to the pitcher for learning purposes.  Runners will not advance.
  • Teams are encouraged to use a courtesy runner for the catcher only with two outs in the inning.  The last player to record an out will be the courtesy runner.
  • Game records and notifications:
    • Coaches of both teams are required to send game score and pitch counts to the Division Director via text or email within one day of game completion.
    • Records will not be published for the fall season.




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