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Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in action being taken as appropriate to continue to ensure our players are provided with the highest possible level of instruction, competition and fun.

By registering to play at LBB players, coaches and parents/guardians agree that:

1  Inappropriate, unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated in our league at any time or place in all levels. People (players, coaches and spectators) may be removed from the game or be asked to leave the fields if they cannot follow the guidelines.

2  Sportsmanship is the willingness to accept the discipline and dedication that sport demands for the development of individual and team skills. One must also recognize that while victory is the goal of competition, the competition is more important than the final score.

3  Our league philosophy recognizes that sportsmanship is the willingness to play the game within the rules and to appreciate the efforts of opponents, officials, coaches and administrators who make the game possible.

4  Arguments about a judgment decision by an umpire are futile and unproductive. Players and spectators will not argue with or question the judgment of an umpire. It is the manager’s responsibility to control the actions of their players, coaches, and spectators. If incidents occur, it is incumbent that the manager take immediate action with the player or spectator, regardless of whether they believe the player/spectator may be correct or not. By our actions, we are teaching players the proper behavior that we expect. We must do all we can to ensure that what they see is what we desire they learn.

5  Managers have a right to discuss calls based on the implementation of the Rules of Baseball, not on the merits of judgment. When addressing an umpire, managers will maintain a level of decorum required of a professional. Outbursts, physical contact, ranting and raving will not be tolerated.

6  In this manner we will be able to promote instructional baseball in a safe and fun atmosphere for everyone..

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